Become a part of a world-class hub for the future in robotics

Odense Robotics is the collective term for the high-tech ’ecosystem’ created by the robot and automation companies, suppliers, education and research facilities, investment capital and public actors in and around Odense. The team behind Odense Robotics works to develop the city’s robotic environment, solve a number of common business and recruitment challenges, and market the city’s strengths within the robotic industry.

Odense Robotics stimulates business development, promotes growth and works to attract qualified labor to the city through:

Strategic market insight in the form of knowledge, research and analytics about the market and companies’ business models and strategies.
Acting as a catalyst for business development and facilitating collaboration across companies and the ecosystem.
Assisting in solving recruitment challenges that robot and automation companies experience.
Attracting investor capital and international companies that create value for the ecosystem.
Establishing accelerator programs for new promising businesses, this includes Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, which currently houses its first new companies (Nordbo Systems and Corepath Robotics).
Revealing Odense Robotics as the ‘frontier for robotic technologies’ for robot startups, collaborative robots and food automation.

Odense Robotics

Strong Roots
We are proud of Odense’s achievements in robotics, and commend the strong foundation created more than 30 years ago when Odense Steel Shipyard – Lindø, began developing robots and robot applications in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Following this, Mærsk McKinney Møller Institute established a high-tech center of excellence for intelligent autonomous systems as a part of SDU, and Danish Technological Institute’s Center for Robotics set up in Odense. To date, the robotic and automation industry in Odense has grown exponentially, including 120 companies and 3,200 jobs.

The consequent robotic ecosystem established, enables companies and research institutions to contribute to each other’s growth and make each other stronger. These collaborative relationships have created a unique robot cluster, and advanced Odense Robotics to the forefront in several areas, with a particular strength in collaborative robots and food automation.

Organization and Financing
The municipality of Odense aims to attract new companies and investment capital to the city through an initiative called Invest in Odense. Invest in Odense consists of three branches, each of which highlight an industry where Odense holds a national position of strength. The three branches include: Odense Robotics, UAS Denmark – which focuses on drone technology and Odense Health – which focuses on welfare technology.
• Odense Robotics is organizationally anchored in Developing Fyn. Developing Fyn conducts business and tourism efforts for the five largest municipalities on Fyn (Odense, Svendborg, Nyborg, Faaborg-Midtfyn and Assens), which represents 80% of Fyn’s residents.
• Odense Robotics is financed by both Developing Fyn and the municipality of Odense.