Buying into Odense Robotics’ Attractive Environment

News - Buying into Odense Robotics' Attractive Environment

Teradyne acquired Universal Robots for 1.9 billion DKK. The acquisition goes beyond Universal Robots, “It’s not just buildings and employees – Teradyne bought into a dynamic network,” explains Stine Haakonsson, associate professor at the Copenhagen Business School and a researcher in global innovation network.

Odense stands out as a prime location for robotic companies to grow for three noteworthy reasons. First, it has a strong research environment, second, the close collaboration between research institutes and companies and finally, for Odense’s reputation of thinking outside the box.

Universal Robots, Scape Technologies, Trivision and Mobile Industrial Robots are a few of the companies to excel out of Odense’s robotic ecosystem. An ecosystem that currently consists of more than 70 large and small companies, 1,800 employees and over 10 institutes and research facilities, clusters and networks.

From an international perspective, Denmark is highly ranked for its ratio of operational industrial robots to employees. Denmark has the sixth highest robot density (number of operational robots per 10,000 employees) with a worldwide equivalent of 166 robots per 10,000 employees in the industry. In addition, Denmark is top two, in 8 out of 10 industries in comparison to a number of other trading partners when it comes to robot density.

Source: Ingeniøren, Odense Robotics