12. March 2018

Cluster joins forces to create common employer brand


Attracting talent is still the biggest growth barrier – which is why Odense Robotics companies, educational institutions and Odense Municipality are now working together to create a common employer brand and talent marketing campaign to help win the war for talent.

In January and February, robot and automation companies around Odense have joined forces to create a common employer brand and talent marketing campaign in a co-creation process based on new research.

Mobile Industrial Robots, On Robot, Universal Robots, Inwatec, B&R Automation, University of Southern Denmark, Effimat, Leica, Blue Ocean Robotics, Sanovo, Gibotech and Cabinplant have all participated.
CEOs, HR Managers and employees have contributed with key insights into recruitment needs, while Marketing Managers have helped create a creative concept for a common employer brand.

It’s a truly collaborative approach, guided by core:workers, one of Scandinavia’s leading employer branding agencies. The campaign is being developed further in close dialogue with robot and automation companies around Odense.

Benefits of common employer brand
Companies welcome efforts to create a common employer brand and recognise the benefits – but say it’s essential that it adds value to their own company brands.

”I can see lots of potential benefits of a common talent marketing campaign. Together, we can increase awareness about career opportunities in the cluster, save time and money by tapping into a toolbox of shared resources – and increase the talent pool,” says Sophie Aagaard, HR Manager, Inwatec.

“But building an employer brand is a long-term investment – and it’s of course essential that the campaign strikes the right balance between promoting the cluster’s employer brand and promoting individual company brands. It’s been great being part of the process and I look forward to seeing the result.”

Companies will be even more attractive for potential employees if they can see that they will be part of a great cluster and a bigger ecosystem of values within work, life and living in Odense, Funen and Denmark.
The talent marketing campaign will showcase the many career opportunities in the cluster.

“The talent marketing campaign will make us grow stronger together. We know that the greatest barrier for growth is lack of talent. With the large demand for engineers and tech people globally, and with the increasing competition from big and branded companies, we can go further in winning the war for talent by branding ourselves as a large cluster with attractive careers,” says Mikkel Christoffersen, Business Manager, Odense Robotics.

Research highlights recruitment gap
The research conducted as part of the process generated key insights into recruitment needs and candidates’ attraction drivers.

Engineers and IT specialists represent the groups where there is the greatest demand, followed by technical candidates with a vocational background. While many companies continue to recruit primarily in Denmark, the large companies are increasingly looking abroad for candidates.

Key attraction drivers for candidates are being part of a strong knowledge environment with specialised companies and leading education institutions. Also important is the opportunity to develop as a specialist as part of a winning team. And not least, being able to have a good work-life balance.

For more information, contact Eva Juul Langlands, Marketing Manager, Odense Robotics, evjl@odenserobotics.dk.