RoboCluster is a national innovation network that brings together Danish expertise in the field of robotics research, development and design.The participants in the network innovate, develop and apply robotics and automation technologies through the collaboration and knowledge sharing between knowledge institutions and private businesses. This happens through matchmaking, knowledge-sharing activities and development projects.This cross-disciplinary way of collaborating insures that technology, knowledge and expertise in the field of robotics and automation is collected and further developed to the benefit of Danish society.The collaboration among the participants and stakeholders of the network forms the basis for new technology based and knowledge intensive products that support the development towards a more competitive, productive and green Denmark. The network takes its starting-point in experiences from robotics and automation technologies and products from the industry that, traditionally, has been a driver for the development of robotics and automation technology in recent decades.The goal is to bring this knowledge and these technologies into play in industries and sectors, thereby fostering not least Danish job creation and growth.

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