11. September 2018

Denmark’s powerhouse for robotics and automation


The Danish robot and automation industry is developing and growing fast with the introduction of innovative new technologies and leading positions in global markets. And it’s Funen that is driving development. Collaborative robots were invented on Funen and Universal Robots dominated 71% of the world market in 2017.

”According to the analysis, the market potential for collaborative robots is colossal and so far it’s the companies on Funen who are in the lead, as they cover more than the majority of the market. With an annual growth of 50%, collaborative robots are expected to grow to 13 bn. USD and reach 600,000 units annually by 2027,” says Martin Jespersen, Project Manager Business Intelligence, Odense Robotics.

Funen is where the action is

OnRobot and Mobile Industrial Robots on Funen are other prominent companies developing fast and contributing to Denmark’s sixth place in global robot density, which indicates the number of multi-purpose industrial robots per 10,000 employees in the manufacturing sector.

A total of 74% of the robotics industry’s manufacturing companies are headquartered on Funen. 53% of all jobs in that sector are located on Funen as well, making this the highest concentration in the country. Moreover, between 2015-2017 manufacturers on Funen increased their workforce by 31% and 63% of all companies in the sector established since 2010 are on Funen too.

”The analysis shows that more than half of the jobs in the manufacturing companies are found on Funen, and this is where growth is happening. This is positive as the manufacturers developing and manufacturing the new technologies and solutions are the ones who create future growth. The robotics cluster on Funen is developing a strong business cluster with a considerable potential for global growth,” says Bo Hanfgarn Eriksen, Chief Analyst, Region of Southern Denmark.

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Photo text: The map shows us where in the country we find the highest concentration of employment in manufacturing companies. The concentration is the highest on Funen, where most new companies sprout.

Source: Region of Southern Denmark.