Explore future industry technology at Smart Industry Forum

Smart Industry Forum 2018

Odense Robotics is once again a partner with Smart Industry Forum, which aims to inspire, inform, and assist decision-makers in the manufacturing industry regarding the opportunities of Industry 4.0 and digitalisation in the globalised world. For the third consecutive year, the network is hosting an international conference in Copenhagen in June. This year’s theme is “How the IIoT will change the business models of original equipment manufacturers”.

International speakers and experts from Alfa Laval, Amazon Web Services, IKEA, and World Economic Forum, to name a few, will address the challenges and opportunities of the new industry and give practical examples on how to embrace the digital transformation. They will also provide inspiration and motivation to apply to the disruptive process that companies will experience in the near future.

Grasp new opportunities
There is a lot of talk going around about the Fourth Industrial Revolution – which for many can be a difficult concept to relate to. However, it is the reality we will be faced with, and sooner than some might think. Through technology it will change our business models, our organisations, and the way we work and live.

This implies large risks yet at the same time also great opportunities within manufacturing companies. It is an ardent platform that more businesses should discover, particularly within the production industry, and the leaders who understand this development will be the ones to make a difference. This is the reason why the North European network Smart Industry Forum exists; it is a consolidation of notable organisations within the field of automation, robotics, production etc.

The conference will take place 7-8 June 2018 and tickets can be purchased for 950 euro per person. This includes access to the entire agenda and an evening event with dinner and networking. The event will be all-inclusive both days.

Register now: www.smartindustryforum.org