Fund your digital journey

While Denmark is hailed as a digital frontrunner, many small to medium-sized companies are lagging behind. A new project aims to help SMEs get up to speed with digitalisation and Industry 4.0 – and Odense Robotics is ready to help companies access funding.

DigitaliseringsBoost will enable 75 SMEs across Denmark to access up to 33% of development costs for new products, solutions or concepts within digitalisation and Industry 4.0. The project brings together companies, universities and independent research and technology organisations with the aim of enabling SMEs to tap into cutting-edge research and increase their competitive edge.

“This is a unique opportunity for robotic and automation companies in and around Odense to gain financial support for their development activities – planned or ongoing. One example could be a project exploring the advantages of industry 4.0 and how extracting data from a product can generate knowledge and new value streams. It’s up to companies to identify their opportunity,” says Peter Falk, Business Developer, Odense Robotics.

Companies can gain funding for projects addressing Industry 4.0, which is defined by nine technologies: Big Data and Analytics; Autonomous Robots; Simulation; Horisontal and Vertical System Integration; Industrial Internet of Things; Cybersecurity; The Cloud; Additive Manufacturing and Augmented Reality.

Get help to apply
Odense Robotics is the point of contact for companies in the robot and automation cluster in and around Odense. Already, Odense Robotics has helped two companies apply for DigitaliseringsBoost and is ready to help up to five additional companies. The project runs over the next three years and the next application deadline is 26 January.

“Now is a good time to reach out to me to explore how DigitaliseringsBoost can bring value to your company,” says Peter Falk. “Many companies think it’s time consuming to apply, but it only takes a day and I can guide the process. It’s a small investment when you consider the huge potential gains.”

More opportunities next year
Next year, companies can look forward to more funding opportunities. Two projects are on the horizon: digitalisation within automation and logistics automation. Odense Robotics is currently hiring additional staff to ensure companies get maximum benefit.

“Our role is to matching projects with the needs of companies in the robotics and automation cluster to create the most value possible,” says Peter Falk. “We’ve helped many companies successfully tap into funding opportunities over the past couple of years – and hope that many more will reach out to us to explore the many new opportunities arising all the time.”

Read more about DigitaliseringsBoost here. To find out how Odense Robotics can help guide you through the application, contact Peter Falk, Business Developer, Odense Robotics,, +45 61611853.