Funen is still Denmark’s robot powerhouse

Denmark’s robot market is growing rapidly – and Funen remains the country’s robot powerhouse, according to a new report from Region Southern Denmark.

Funen is home to 69% of all robot manufacturers in Denmark and accounts for 48% of the country’s employment within robot manufacturing, according the new figures. And when it comes to the creation of new robot manufacturers and integrators, Funen also leads – accounting for 47% of all companies established since 2010.

“There’s no doubt that Odense Municipality is the country’s capital when it comes to robot and automation companies,” states the report. “Funen’s robot and automation cluster has significant global growth potential, particularly within collaborative robots. The cluster is knowledge based, is important for local suppliers and a significant potential for creating jobs.”

On the basis of the new findings, Region Southern Denmark announced it will invest even more in robotics – increasing funding to cluster organisations and expanding its innovation partnership programmes.

“This report confirms once again that Funen is Denmark’s robot powerhouse,” says Mikkel Christoffersen, Business Manager, Odense Robotics. “Not only that – the report shows just how strong Denmark fares in a global context. Funen is a global leader when it comes to collaborative robots, where the global growth potential is huge.”

Read the full report (in Danish): Region Southern Denmark – Robot and automation analysis