Gold for Danish cluster, Odense Robotics

The Danish cluster of robotics, Odense Robotics, has achieved the EU-certified Gold Label – the highest recognition cluster organizations can get. With the gold certificate, Odense Robotics officially goes into the international premier league of clusters. A status that creates great value for the companies in the cluster in terms of attracting development funds, labor, partners and customers.

The Gold Label is a quality stamp, the young robot cluster that underlines the region og Odense’s position as an international center for robot and automation technology. The eco system of the cluster include companies as Universal Robots and Mobile Industrial Robots, Blue Ocean Robotics and KUBO Robotics.

– It is unusual for a cluster organization, with only 2.5 years in luggage, to obtain a gold certification. It is not often we experience it, says Merete Daniel Nielsen, director Cluster Excellence Denmark.

ESCA – European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis – is behind the certification and comprehensive audit of 31 criteria based on the size, management, financing, services and results of the robot cluster. The evaluation report states:

“Odense Robotics is an interesting example of a cluster development that started from a political point of view. Especially the establishment of the Odense Robotics Startup Hub is an excellent success story and a lighthouse project that attracts promising startups and contributes to the regional ecosystem”.

“I am pleased that the political commitment to creating a cluster has played a positive role in the evaluation. The robot cluster has already created more than 2600 jobs in the region of Odense, and with this certification, hopefully we will be able to create even more. This will make it easier to attract new businesses, and it will give businesses better opportunities to attract new investments, “says Odense mayor Peter Rahbæk Juel.

The robot and automation industry in Fyn expects the staff to grow substantially in the coming years. Up to 2000 new posts must be occupied by 2020. (Source: A / B Analysis 2016). Companies already recognize the challenges of recruiting enough employees – at the moment 84 job vacancies are posted on the job portal of the Danish robot cluster (

“With regards to recruitment and attracting skilled workers, the gold cluster certification is extremely valuable,” says Henrik Anker, CEO of Gibotech, and chairman of the Odense Robotics Board. It raises awareness and strengthens the branding of companies in and around the cluster. It has become a quality stamp to be part of the robot environment in Odense and I am convinced that it will positively affect the attractiveness of the many new employees, “concludes Henrik Anker.

The certification of Odense Robotics is also expected to open new doors to national and international collaborations, development projects and pools, which companies otherwise would not be able to access.
Regional Council Chairman Stephanie Lose (V), Region South Denmark, welcomes the gold certification:

“The gold helps to highlight robotics as an important and strong growth force in the Region of Southern Denmark, with strong research and development environments, especially around Odense. This is a development that the South Danish Growth Forum backs up and has supported since 2007, because it is extremely important for the continued growth that there is the best possible framework for cooperation between companies and players with skills in robotics.