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In Odense you can find 120+ robotic and automation companies

Odense Robotics is one of the world's leading centres for innovation and commercialisation within robotics and automation.

Here, you can work alongside like-minded specialists in robotics and automation, bringing innovation and technology to life.

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Odense is home to one of the world's leading clusters for robotics and automation. Here, you can develop your career amongst world-leaders in their field.

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Universal Robots is market leader in collaborative robots


Odense is home to leaders in industrial automation

Our heroes
  • Inwatec
    Tudor Morar
    Software developer
  • Purple Robotics
    Lasse Kieffer
    CEO and Founder
  • Tendo
    Sofie Woge
    CEO and Founder
  • Gibotech
    Nicolas Valencia Espinoza
    Automation engineer
  • Mobile Industrial Robots
    Carlos Moro García
    Robotics engineer
Tudor Morar
Software developer

Tudor came to Denmark from his home country Romania to study robotics at the University of Southern Denmark. After graduating, he got a job at Inwatec, an international company based headquartered in Odense developing innovative machines for the laundry industry. Tudor has now played a pivotal role in many of the company's machines - applying his knowledge of robotics and deep learning to advance innovation for the global laundry industry.