26. June 2018

Investors search for next robot success in Odense


Registration is now open for Odense Investor Summit 2018, where investors meet businesses seeking capital within robots, drones, automation and welfare technology. It is the third consecutive year the event will be held – and the investments continue to increase year on year.

Investors in robotics have all eyes on Odense right now, home to the majority of Denmark’s robot businesses. With the sale of Universal Robots and most recently Mobile Industrial Robots, the cluster is increasingly in the spotlight. At Odense Investor Summit in September, investors will scout companies with the potential to develop the next technological breakthrough.

”In and around Odense, we have a growing robot ecosystem of promising companies with great global potential. They just need the right investors to create considerable growth,” says Michael Hansen, Investment Manager, Odense Seed and Venture.

“At Odense Investor Summit, we match the capital-seeking companies with investors. We bring partners together who usually wouldn’t move in the same circles. It’s a targeted effort, which all parties in the industry see great value in.”

Largest in Scandinavia
Odense Investor Summit 2018 is the largest gathering in Scandinavia for potential robot investors and companies seeking investors. Last year, more than 20 capital-seeking companies participated as well as more than 100 investors within the fields of robotics, drones, automation and welfare technology. Odense Investor Summit 2018 takes place on 12 September alongside R-18 at Odense Congress Center.

”We see considerable potential in Odense Investor Summit for companies and investors,” says Tommy Bøgh Thomsen, Regional Manager for business clients at Region Syd in Nordea.

“Nordea is once again the main sponsor because we want to support the development of strong, innovative technology companies. There are times when this type of company needs a partner to create growth– and we want to help establish this kind of partnership.”

Behind Odense Investor Summit are 15 Danish organisations, companies, networks and projects: Odense Robotics, Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, Odense Seed and Venture, Odense Municipality, Scale-Up Denmark Robotics, Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark, RoboCluster, Nordea, the Danish Technological Institute, Keystones, CONNECT Denmark, Syddansk Innovation, and the University of Southern Denmark.

Investment Manager, Michael Hansen, Odense Seed and Venture, phone 23 41 40 07.

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Photo: Odense Investor Summit.