MiR set to double production after “smart” redesign

How can you redesign a production layout that more than doubles production capacity? MiR has set out to do exactly that after rethinking their entire production setup to increase efficiency.

The facts speak for themselves. MiR is set to increase sales from 75 million DKK to 200 million DKK this year. And to keep up with this rapid growth, the company has redesigned their production setup to increase capacity by more than 50% and increase efficiency by even more. It’s early days, but already the company can see the benefits.

“It’s all about working smarter. With the new production design, we can more than double our capacity and increase our efficiency by even more. In the future, we will be able to manufacture twice as many robots in a setup that our employees can easily adapt to,” says Flemming Thinggaard, Project Manager, Supply Chain at MiR.

“We’ve succeeded in designing a production line that is considerably shorter than before. This means employees don’t have to move around so much when assembling the robots. It’s made a huge difference – not just for our production capacity but also for our staff.”

Onboarded team of specialists
It’s a big change – which is why MiR on boarded a team of specialists to help. MiR contacted Odense Robotics late last year to discuss how best to approach the project.

MiR contacted Søren Aarhus, Business Developer at Odense Robotics, late last year to discuss how best to approach the project. Odense Robotics works closely together with companies to improve their supply chain as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen the entire supply chain in the Odense Robotics cluster and in turn support growth amongst suppliers.

MiR then onboarded Process Development Partnering, a consultancy specialising in process development in the industry. The three companies collaborated over the coming months to redesign the production line in a way that matched MIR’s growth ambitions and internal production team.

“It was really valuable having Odense Robotics on board as a specialist and trusted sparring partner throughout the process – from the very beginning, when we had the very first discussions about the project, to the end result, when we built the new production line,” says Thinggaard.

“Odense Robotics’ solid expertise in production setups has helped us focus on the most important aspects of such a huge transformation and opened doors for us so we could gain inspiration from other industry players.”

Company growth is cluster growth
MiR expects to complete the new production line in the beginning of May – and is confident that they will succeed in doubling their production capacity as a result.

Odense Robotics hopes that the increased production capacity at MIR will have a positive knock-on effect for the company’s many local suppliers.

“Our role is to strengthen the supply chains in the Odense Robotics cluster and our work with MiR will do exactly that. We’ve done far more than help MiR optimise their own production; MIR’s increased production capacity will benefit all of MiR’s suppliers in the future,” says Søren Aarhus, Business Developer, Odense Robotics.

Odense Robotics helps robotics companies improve their supply chain setup as part of efforts to strengthen the entire supply chain in the Odense Robotics cluster. If you want to know more about how Odense Robotics can help you, contact Søren Aarhus, Odense Robotics.