11. September 2018

New faces in the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub


Several StartUp Hub companies have recently left the nest as entrepreneurs ready to conquer their markets, while new startups have entered the Hub eager to start making their ideas come to life. The accelerator programme supplies the companies with everything from business advice to practical assistance in developing prototypes and third party assistance from i.e patent agents. Let’s take a look at the three companies leaving, Purple Robotics, Tendo and Ztove and the three startups entering the Hub, Lorenz Technology, FarmDroid and Happtec.

September saw the addition of three new startups in the StartUp Hub while three promising companies left, all tuned to the global robotics scene and fit for growth. Since Purple Robotics entered the Hub one year ago, they have been running full steam ahead. Three former Universal Robots employees, they entered the Hub more experienced than some and before they left had two patented products, their vacuum gripper and their quick-change interface for collaborative tooling. On their last official day in the Hub, OnRobot announced that they had acquired the company. The Purple Robotics team will now join the OnRobot family as part of their development department.

“It’s great to see yet another company from our robotics incubator fully-fledged and equipped for growth. It’s pivotal to the progress of the robotics cluster on Funen that we succeed in creating a topnotch framework for the very best of our entrepreneurs. We need to help these promising startups become successful and experienced companies in order for us to support the ambition that is to make the robotics ecosystem on Funen the world leader in the development and application of robots,” says Peter Rahbæk Juel, Mayor of Odense.

Focus on innovation

Other Hub alumni who exited the Hub are Ztove and Tendo, both companies with employees eager and ready to reach new heights. Ztove first joined the Hub in 2017 with their intelligent kitchen equipment focused on cooking precision. The Ztove team will now continue their product development and sales strategy from the Hub, which is located at the Danish Technological Institute.

The Tendo team has garnered attention since joining the Hub last year with their soft robotic exoskeleton. They have relocated to new offices in the heart of Odense, Stjerneskibet, a dynamic office community for entrepreneurs. Here they will continue their development project with assistance from Odense Robotics and Væksthus Syddanmark. They are currently working on getting their prototype certified so they can begin marketing it as a medical device and they have been invited to pitch at Robot Union in Madrid in two weeks.

New faces in the Hub

“With the success of the three companies leaving the Hub, Odense Robotics is eager to welcome three new companies Lorenz Technology, FarmDroid and Happtec. They join Hub company QuadSat in the incubator. We always strive to include diverse startups in the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, which is evident from the latest additions to the Hub,” Ernest Clark Fuller, Business Developer at Odense Robotics StartUp Hub.

Lorenz Technology is on a mission to provide unique solutions for security and inspection of real estate, factories or larger areas using autonomous robots and drones to improve security. FarmDroid is focused on autonomous field robots that navigate and plant crops by using GPS signals, and then weed the same crops until harvest. Finally, Happtec aspires to democratise manufacturing in Denmark through a combination of robot-automation, simplicity of design and unique software making robot technology accessible to a larger audience.

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