26. June 2018

New network for marketing and communication professionals

Marketing & Communication

Earlier this month a new networking group was introduced bringing together marketing and communication employees from cluster companies.

On 1 June, Odense Robotics launched the Marketing and Communication Network. The network is for all marketing and communication employees in the robotics and automation cluster and seeks to bridge the gap between employees from the same field and industry. In this group, marketing and communication employees can share industry insights, experiences and knowledge and thereby help each other grow.

”A lot of us marketing employees in the cluster are working on our own out in the companies, but we face the same challenges and opportunities. The Odense Robotics Marketing Network will help bring all of us together and allow us to exchange knowledge within not only marketing and communication but also industry insights. Our first meeting proved that this network will be highly beneficial for all of us and it was great to see that both big and small companies in the cluster had made it a priority to attend,” says Jeanne Bo Aarhus, Marketing Manager at Gibotech A/S.

Combining forces
The first meeting at Forskerparken, Odense Robotics headquarters, was a success with many of the cluster companies represented. More than a dozen marketing and communications employees discussed employer branding and employee advocacy – before moving the group to Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle, where they continued networking and socialising.

To get to know each other, the companies will take turns in hosting the four network meetings during the course of a year. The next meeting will take place in September at EGATEC A/S, and in the meantime members can network online in the new LinkedIn Network group.

The Odense Robotics Marketing and Communication Network is open to employees working with marketing and communication in the cluster companies. You can find the network group here if you would like to join.

The group joins two other well-functioning Odense Robotics networks, the HR Network and the Supply Chain Network.

The Marketing & Communication Network at Heartland Festival. Photo: Odense Robotics.