“Odense Robotics StartUp Hub” – a training program for robot entrepreneurs

Odense Robotics StartUp Hub

Have you started a business within robot or IT technology? Do you have years of experience developing robotic solutions? Then this is your opportunity to turbocharge your business idea – become a part of Odense Robotics new StartUp Hub.

October 21st will mark the ‘next level’ for Odense as Denmark’s leading robot city. On the 21st, the Danish Technological Institute in Odense will inaugurate its new Robot Innovation Hall. The robot hall will be an inspiring incubator facility for 5 to 10 startups and selected businesses developing high-tech products and solutions that have commercialization potential.

We know both students and those working in existing businesses have good ideas; Odense Robotics StartUp Hub is for the best of these ideas. High technology products and solutions have a long and expensive development process and test phase before products are ready for market. Obtaining the necessary funding can be difficult, and we want to help you get over this barrier. Securing a place in Odense Robotics StartUp Hub is free of charge! It will provide you access to facilities and the opportunity to draw on expertise in product and business development at the Technological Institute and the Business Development Center of Southern Denmark. Developing Fyn – Odense Robotics will assist companies in making contact with investors and assemble an advisory board to provide expert support and advice. With this set up, tech entrepreneurs can concentrate on what they do best: develop products or automation solutions that fit the needs of the global market.

Business community support
A number of the leading robot and automation companies support and have contributed in planning Odense Robotics StartUp Hub on Funen. Director of ABB Robotics Denmark, Steffen Enemark, explains the value of startups as follows:

“To support Odense’s ambitious goal to be the #1 robot city, it is important that we create a framework for new startups, in doing so, robot businesses and our entire ecosystem will gain strength going forward. It must be attractive to become part of Odense Robotic StartUp Hub and an important element is attracting and retaining the best people. At ABB Robotics, we are interested in working with startups so that our products are tested and integrated with new solutions. In addition, as a global company, we have the opportunity to help attract attention to the new startups in and outside of the country.”

It is important to find the right one
Odense Robotics is already underway screening potential participants for Odense Robotics StartUp Hub, and there are a number of promising companies. The goal is to have two companies in the hub this year and another five in 2016.

“Of course we would like to have companies in the Hub already. However, since we invest a lot of resources in each business, we are very thorough in screening companies and ideas. We want to feel as confidant as possible in the idea and that the company has the potential to succeed, and succeed well, in the global market”, says Mikkel Christoffersen, who expects to unveil the first participant in Odense Robotic StartUp Hub shortly.

Hear more about Odense Robotics StartUp Hub and meet some of the talented people who will be StartUp sparring partners at the Technological Institute’s inauguration of their new Robot Innovation Hall on the 21st of October. Sign up here



Facts about Odense Robotic StartUp Hub:

To support companies at an early stage so that they are prepared to cooperate with one or more private or institutional investors. Efforts for each company will last approximately 6-24 months. The model accommodates both startups and spinouts from established companies and research institutes.

To make Odense the center for robot technology development for startup and spin out companies. Initially in Denmark, and eventually throughout Europe.

Startups have access to:

  • Free office facilities in an inspiring environment
  • Access to sparring and advice from the Danish Technological Institute
  • Access to testing facilities
  • Handpicked Advisory Board with the best people from the industry
  • Sparring on your business plan and strategy
  • Access to Odense Robotics network of companies and potential partners
  • Access to investor capital

Partners in StartUp Hub Odense:

  • Odense Robotics (a part of Development Fyn)
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Invest in Odense (a part of Odense & Co.)
  • A vast network of competencies in research and education, robotic and automation businesses, funding and investors.