11. September 2018

Odense Robotics unveils new brand story


Today Odense Robotics announces the launch of a new brand story that aims to reach even more audiences globally by taking a human perspective on the industry.

Under the new payoff “Where robot heroes grow”, the brand story celebrates the many individuals working around Odense with robotics and automation as the true heroes of the industry. Through authentic stories, the branding portrays the passion for innovation and entrepreneurship that inspires the cluster’s 3,200+ employees to redefine technology and bring innovation to life every day.

“Behind every innovation here in Odense Robotics are talented people who are passionate about technology and business. The new brand takes a human perspective on the industry, focusing on the many outstanding individuals and teams in Odense’s robotic and automation community. Their daily efforts to develop and commercialise new technologies enable people worldwide to work smarter and businesses to grow stronger. They’re our real, everyday heroes – and now it’s time to give them recognition,” says Mikkel Christoffersen, Head of the cluster organisation Odense Robotics.

Appealing to talent

The brand identity is part of efforts to promote Odense Robotics as a prime destination for pursuing a career or building a business within robotics and automation.

Research conducted by Odense Robotics highlighted a need to increase awareness about the cluster internationally in order to support companies’ own talent acquisition efforts. Around 80% of robotic and automation companies in and around Odense say that attracting talent is the greatest barrier to growth. Many companies struggle to attract qualified talent, resulting in more than 100+ open positions currently in the cluster.

A digital marketing campaign based on social media and advertising will increase awareness amongst engineers, software developers, technicians and other groups of professionals sought after by cluster companies. The campaign will focus on Denmark and European countries with high concentrations of target candidates.


To portray real heroes in a real-life setting, Odense Robotics is launching an organic marketing campaign with the hashtag #WeAreRobotHeroes. Companies and employees in Odense Robotics are encouraged to use the hashtag when sharing stories from work or after.

“Real hero stories are best told by heroes themselves. Companies and employees in Odense Robotics can share their everyday experiences using the hashtag #WeAreRobotHeroes alongside #odenserobotics and their own company hashtag. Let’s share our stories with pride and show what it’s like to work with robotics and automation here in Odense,” says Christoffersen.

The new brand story includes the launch of a new website, new payoff and revitalised visual identity. The new brand is supported by the City of Odense and was developed together with several partners including core:workers, Morning Train and Instafilm. Odense Robotics would like to extend a special thanks to all the companies and employees who helped shape the new brand story.

Mikkel Christoffersen will lead a session with robot and automation heroes at R18 in Odense on Thursday 13 September. Odense Robotics will exhibit at R18 from 11-13 September.

To find out more about the brand identity or suggest an employee who could feature in a hero video, contact:

Eva Juul Langlands, Marketing Manager at Odense Robotics,


+45 30718123.


Photo: Odense Robotics