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In 2016, 1,000 robot professionals will gather in Odense, Denmark’s 3rd largest city, as the city hosts Robobusiness Europe. In preparation, businesses in Odense are joining forces to develop Odense Robotics – a unique robot cluster that works to develop the city’s robotic ecosystem, address a series of common challenges and brand the city’s strong position within the robotic sector. 

Targeted development, international branding and events will strengthen Odense’s robotic ecosystem. The city has made a deal that, over the next three years it will host Robobusiness, where 1,000 robot professionals from Europe’s robot industry, startups and research institutes will gather in Odense. Robobusiness is one of the initiatives that will put Odense’s robotic sector on the map. Odense’s Mayor, Anker Boye, explains.

“Odense said yes to host Robobusiness over the next three years, because an international conference of such caliber will help manifest Odense’s position as a robot city.”

In and around Odense there are more than 70 robotic and automation companies with approximately 1,800 employees and the University of Southern Denmark’s robot institute is still growing.

“So now we will invest to get the maximum impact out of Odense’s strong position. Both with the conference and focused initiatives within the cluster,” explains Anker Boyer.

Odense Robotics – a world-class hub for technology
The initiative is called Odense Robotics and is being launched this week.

Part of Odense Robotics is to attract qualified talent within robot technology.

Henrik Anker, the CEO of Gibotech, a high technology company in Odense, explains:

“As a business, we are always dependent on having access to high quality staff. It has been a challenge to attract the right talent, but now the robot and automation industries are working closely together to find a solution. This mean that we have the opportunity to highlight, that a large portion of jobs within robotics are in Odense.”

Moreover, Odense robot companies stress the importance of better support for startups, and thus, this will be an additional focus area under Odense Robotics. Lastly, Odense Robotics will work to attract even more robot companies to the city.

Mikkel Christoffersen, Business Manager at Developing Fyn IT and Robot explains:

“Odense Robotics builds upon the high quality and existing key players within robotics in Odense. We have experienced that businesses already work together when they need to. Thus, Odense Robotics works to strengthen collaboration, where we can, and ensure that both companies and clusters build their brands’ value, with the potential to be both national and global.”

Ambitious robot conference
Robobusiness Europe is one example of how Odense will strengthen its international brand.

Odense’s municipality has partnered with Blue Ocean Robotics, one of Odense’s robotic companies, to host the conference over the next three years.

Claus Risager, co-founder of Blue Ocean Robotics, has been part of the steering committee behind Robobusiness in the US for several years. He has also been a part of Odense’s robot industry since Odense Steel Shipyard, Lindø, began 25 years ago.

“I am of course enthusiastic that Odense can now welcome Europe’s robot industries,” he said.

Blue Ocean Robotics and the municipality of Odense have partnered for the three robot conferences, and estimates 1,000 participants in 2016. Almost three times the average amount at Robobusiness Europe, and even more participants than at Robobusiness in the US.

“It is ambitious,” admits Claus Risager. “But it ties in well with the massive development that is occurring in the robot sector at this time. Several people I have spoken with compare robotics to what IT was like in the late 90’s. That is why we have reason to believe that we can acquire an even greater interest at the conference, become inspired and hear about development,” he said.

Five facts about Odense Robotics:

  • There are more than 70 companies with approximately 1,800 employees, in the robotic, component, integration and automation sectors
  • More than 10 Institutes working with knowledge and research
  • More than 10 clusters and networks
  • Odense is at the forefront in several areas, with a particular strength in collaborative robots and food automation
  • Odense’s robotic ecosystem is built upon the strong foundation created 25 years ago, when Odense Steel Shipyard – Lindø, began developing robots and robot applications in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Read more facts and get more info at www.odenserobotics.com

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