supply chain

Optimise your supply chain

Improve your supply chain. The cluster management team offers advice on how to improve your company's supply chain. You can explore the supply chain directory and take part in supply chain excellence events.

You can access support and advice on how to improve your supply chain

You can explore the supplier directory, designed to enable companies to find a local supplier that matches business needs.

You can take part in seminars and networking events, where you can expand your knowledge in supply chain excellence.

You can seek advice from the cluster management team's supply chain consultant. who helps improve supply chain management in companies and the cluster.

How can your company benefit?

Dansk Industri estimates that between 60-80% of a company's costs are directly or indirectly related to suppliers and other supply chain activities.

That is why it's an important focus area, also for robot and automation companies.

Many small and medium-sized companies find it difficult to find time to work strategically with supply chain management, nor have the necessary competences and tools at hand.

What support can you access?

Odense Robotics offers cluster companies advice on how to develop and evaluate a company's supply chain and production.

Based on the company's unique situation, Odense Robotics helps develop a scalable supply chain strategy that can support the company's growth.

The cluster management team also draws on its extensive knowledge and network of suppliers in and around Odense - helping companies find new partners and suppliers.

Who to contact?

All companies in the cluster can access free supply chain advice, join the supply chain network and take part in supply chain seminars.

To learn more, contact Søren Aarhus, Business Developer at Odense Robotics:, +45 2365 7200.


Helping Mobile Industrial Robots optimise their supply chain

Mobile Industrial Robots could look forward to doubling their production after a smart redesign. "It was really valuable having Odense Robotics on board as a specialist and trusted sparring partner throughout the process".