Attracting talent

Recruit the talent you need

Are you a company in the Odense Robotics cluster searching for talent? The cluster management team provides a range of tools and services to help companies recruit and attract the people companies need.

How you can boost your talent acquisition

Talent isn't easy to attract. We do our best to support your talent acquisition and training activities.

Tech and IT candidates
in CV Database
Vacancies in the job bank
Showcase your vacancies
Career fairs and events
Join us to meet talent

You can access many tools and services to support your talent acquisition activities

Many companies in the Odense Robotics cluster face challenges attracting talent. That is why the cluster management team offers an array of services and tools designed to support companies' own talent acquisition activities.

You can show your open vacancies in the Job Bank, search for candidates in the CV Database, participate in career fairs with us - and much more.

You can also join our HR network, where you can share knowledge with other HR professionals from companies in the Odense Robotics cluster.

CV Database

Search 250+ profiles

The CV database only contains technical profiles from electricians, technicians, software/ robotics/ mechanical engineers and PhD students.

Updated daily, the database contains 250+ profiles from Denmark and abroad - ranging from students to recent graduates to experienced professionals.

Job bank

Showcase your vacancies to candidates

The Job Bank shows all vacancies in the cluster. It attracts several thousand job seekers each month from Denmark, Europe and further afield.

It's free of charge, quick and easy to use with your own company login.