StartUp Hub

How can we help you?

  • From creative conception to commercialization, Odense Robotics StartUp Hub provides tech-support, business development, prototyping and financing.

  • Odense Robotics believes in robotic hardware ideas with the potential to become scalable businesses. Our mission is to support businesses at an early phase to ensure that they are prepared to secure funding from one or more private or institutional investors. We do this based on a model that accommodates both startups and spinouts from established companies and research institutes.

About Odense Robotics StartUp Hub

The Hub is designed to cater specifically to hardware startups. It is a 2.000 square meter incubator facility located at the Danish Technological Institute. In the Hub you have access to a range of equipment, as well as access to business professionals to help you develop your business plan, access to expert advisors to assist you in developing your prototype and when you are ready, we help you secure necessary funding.

  • Bring your Idea

    No prototype needed to get into the Hub

  • You create the first prototype

    – we will help you find local customers for first test runs

  • Robots and components

    (for instance UR) at your disposal during development

What does the Hub offer?

  • At no cost to you, if you are selected to participate in the Hub you will have access to:

    • Free office facilities in an inspiring environment
    • Access to sparring and advice from the Danish Technological Institute
    • Access to testing facilities
    • Handpicked Advisory Board with the best people from the industry
    • Sparring on your business plan and strategy
    • Access to Odense Robotics network of companies and potential partners
    • Access to investor capital

No catch, no membership fees, no ownership interest

So, what is in it for us?

We believe by facilitating startups, we will stimulate economic growth by increasing the number of new robot companies and number of high-tech jobs in the region.

The Robot Innovation Hall, a new
state of the art incubator facility for hardware development

Participation in the Hub ensures you early facilitation of your tech and business development in an innovative robotic ecosystem for a year – maybe more. The Hub offers access to hardware development space incl. advanced tools, access to a vast network where you can meet future partners, as well as have access to a team of robotic specialist, facilities to develop prototypes and much more. This is all at no cost to you. Your responsibility will be to contribute a strong idea for your future success.

  • Business Development

    • Partnerships: build joint research projects with new partners
    • Ecosystem: gain access to a vast network in industries
    • Board of advisors: receive expert advice to gain autonomy
    • Business planning
    • Early access to funding
  • Prototype Development Tools

    • More than 100 product development machinery
    • 3D printing: basic and advanced
    • Vision equipment: software and hardware
    • Mobile platforms: across brands, sizes, functionalities
    • Grippers
    • Robots: across brands, sizes, functionalities
  • Robotic Specialties

    • Quality control
    • Manufacturing
    • Domain use knowledge
    • Robot programming, simulation and virtual production, motion planning, AI, Advanced path planning for industrial manipulators, robot construction and electronics, system design, sensors for perception and inspection, control and navigation
    • Production and Manufacturing Intelligence
    • Human-robot interaction
    • Instalment and implementation based on end user market, production flow, organization and business case
    • Development and execution of courses at end user sites for introduction and use of new technology
  • Practical Amenities

    You will have your own desk, access to hardware development space, as well as access to meeting rooms and a cafeteria.

Successful Startup Cases from Odense

Universal Robots (UR)

UR’s collaborative robot-arms revolutionize production in various industries around the world. UR was born in the Odense cradle in 2005, using the local startup facilities and funding. CoBots UR5 and UR10 soon conquered the world from UR’s HQ in Odense. This classic case of a university spinout (from 3 to 200 employees), made the founders and inventors multi-millionaires in early 2015, when UR was acquired by Teradyne for $285M.

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Mobile Industrial Robots  (MiR)

Mobile Industrial Robots  (MiR)

MiR produces and develops mobile robots for professional use in the industry, manufacturing companies and hospitals. Their transport robot MiR 100 is a good example of a unique AGV – a service robot “made in Odense”. Kick-started by the Odense Robotics / DTI accelerator, founder Niels Jul Jacobsen quit his university job to be full time entrepreneur and got Thomas Visti (former VP and commercial manager at Universal Robots) on board as CEO. A local business angel invested in MiR – and the company grew from 3 part time employees to 12 FTE within a year.

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