CP Robotics


Address: Forskerparken 10 F
ZIP code: 5230
City: Odense M
Phone: +45 21172752

Web: Visit website

What is CP Robotics?

CP Robotics combines both online and offline-programming methods, in order to create a teach-in of welding tasks that is faster than if you would do manual welding. By exploiting state of the art line scanners in combination with robot kinematics, CP Robotics allows floor operators to do fast and coarse programming of the task by simply sweeping the robot over the workspace. CP’s software analyses the sensor data and generates precise robot paths for the task. It is quite unique that complex procedures can be automated and executed without help from a robot expert. Besides the fact that this robot can solve various different tasks, the technology also has some benefits for the employees using it. The employee will experience far less elements that can wear them down such as vibrations during welding.

The team

Sabina Kethelz (CEO)
Teit Silberling (const. CEO)
Morten Agerbæk Riber (Communications Consultant)
Jeshith Damsbo Anandasubramaniam (Robotics Software Engineer)

Reasons for being selected to the hub

  • CP Robotics has achieved interesting research results about their product.
  • The solution that CP Robotics delivers is believed to be better than the pick and place solutions seen many places today.
  • The StartUp Hub programme with its help and sparring is believed to bring CP Robotics a substantial step closer to a product and a strategy that is ready for the global market.

Quote from CP Robotics

“Besides being present and exposed to the relations, experience and knowledge already accumulated in the network of Odense Robotics, CP Robotics has joined strategic forces with two of the other start ups in the Hub. We work with Nordbo Systems on a joint international customer that we would not have been able to interact with without Nordbo Systems. Moreover, Nordbo Systems will act as suppliers to us in some cases. Additionally, we are working with Robot at Work to discover the possibilities of a joint solution in the construction industry.”