Address: Niels Bohrs Alle 185
ZIP code: 5230
City: Odense M
Phone: +45 60408160
Web: Visit website

What is KUBO?

Code is the most influential language of the 21st century, yet many children aren’t learning how to program and work with technology. KUBO is an educational robot that teaches children to code from an early age, giving teachers and parents a way to instill this skill regardless of their coding experience. KUBO’s programming language, called #Tagtile, uses colored tiles to let children explore programming concepts in a tangible way, starting at the suggested age of three. By playing with KUBO, children develop key 21st century skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, while also gaining a fluency in technology that will serve them their entire lives.

The team

From the left: Daniel Friis Lindegaard (CTO AND CO-FOUNDER), Jan Jørgensen
(MARKETING MANAGER), Tommy Otzen (CEO AND CO-FOUNDER) and Rasmus Lindholm

Reasons for being selected to the hub

  • There is a need for products or learning platforms that can teach children IT-competences that will be necessary in the forthcoming years.
  • The product is scalable in a global context which means there are good export options.
  • The StartUp Hub programme with its help and sparring is believed to bring KUBO a substantial step closer to a product and a strategy that is ready for the global market.

Quote from KUBO

“Once we became a part of the hub we put up some milestones to achieve and we have received financial support of over 100.000 kr. to reach those milestones. The financial support did not mean that we needed to give up any ownership of our company which would not have been the case if we had gone to an investor instead. Another benefit has been the credit we get from media, business partners and customers because they know that we are part of the hub. The respect you receive is vastly different from when you meet them as a young entrepreneur standing on your own, and you simply spend less time convincing them about your company. The last advantage is in terms of production. Had we not been a part of the hub, my optimistic guess would be that it would have taken us a year to go from our prototype to production. In the hub it only took us four months.”