Purple Robotics


Address: Forskerparken 10
ZIP code: 5230
City: Odense M
Phone: +45 61791190
Web: Visit website

What is Purple Robotics?

Purple Robotics is founded by a team of three super nerds coming out of Universal Robots R&D, with a total of 18 years of experience developing the UR3, UR5 and UR10 almost from the birth of Universal Robots. The team saw how the demand for collaborative robot applications is growing intensively, and with that also the lack of safe and collaborative tooling. There is a high demand for collaborative robot applications in the global industry, and to build a collaborative robot application requires that both robot and tooling must be applicable for collaborative operation. That is exactly what products from Purple Robotics are. Collaborative products from Purple Robotics are made for both easy and safe human-machine interaction, as in:

– Safe collaborative operation with humans
– Easy installation and risk assessment
– Plug-and-play, production running within 30 min
– Flexible off-the-shelf

The Team

(From the left) Lasse Kieffer, CEO. Henrik Tilletz Hansen, COO. Josefine Toftdal, Marketing Assistant. Kenneth B. Henriksen, CCO. Peter Nadolny Madsen, CTO.

Reasons for being selected to the hub

  • Extremely strong team with many years practical, hands-on experience in the field of Robotics. All the team members have worked together previously and function as a team.
  • Good fit to the local robotics eco-system and solid established relationships with other cluster companies.
  • A business model that is as scalable as the Universal Robots model, and will be able to take full advantage of the UR+ programme.
  • New technology, and new approach to solving a known application.

Quote from Purple Robotics

“We feel very privileged to be selected for the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub. We see it as an important seal of approval that will open many doors. We couldn’t imagine better facilities elsewhere; we have everything we need here. We can tap into the expertise here and gain valuable input. Here, we can focus on what’s important. That means we save time – and can go further, faster.”