Address: Lufthavnvej 151
ZIP code: 5270
City: Odense N
Web: Visit website

What is QuadSAT?

QuadSAT is a startup to radically change the Satellite Communication (SATCOM) industry with a unique and revolutionary drone platform, used for testing, calibration and type approval of SATCOM antennae within the maritime, aerospace and military sectors. The drone will act like an orbital satellite, simulating vehicle (ships/planes/cars) motion and will allow for solving critical industry issues.

Compared to the traditional test methods, the drone platform will be used on-site, where the antennae are manufactured or operated, thus making testing and calibration attractive in a cost-effective way. Our vision is to become the standardised test method in the industry. We are working together with the industry leaders to align the new test method with their performance requirements. The end goal is to design a user-friendly tool, suitable for any technician working in the industry.

The Team

From left: Andrian Buchi, CTO, Joakim Espeland, CEO, Snorre Sveidvoll, Sales & Marketing Manager.

Reasons for being selected to the hub

  • QuadSAT´s test method is revolutionising and radically changing the SATCOM industry. With the right ingredients, it has high chances of becoming an important and valuable player in the Danish drone industry.
  • QuadSAT has a dedicated team with a focused but diverse knowledge and education for their chosen technology and market.
  • The strong ties with the industry are paving the way towards the right partnerships and collaborations.

Quote from QuadSAT

“As a team consisting entirely of internationals, we are amazed by the efforts and opportunities toward innovation and growth made in Denmark, especially around the city of Odense. We are very proud to be part of one of the world’s biggest robot clusters. The unique environment – the drone test centre, development facilities at the Danish Technological Institute and access to experienced business developers – can accelerate our development. We hope we can make a valuable contribution to the development of drone technology in Odense.”