Robotic Sport Solutions


Address: Forskerparken 10
ZIP code: 5230
City: Odense M
Phone: +45 61669159

What is Robotic Sport Solutions?

RSS has developed a prototype of a mobile robot platform that thanks to its intelligent GPS-system is able to collect balls on the driving range. The robot is therefore a self-navigating platform that collects the balls laying around the driving range. The platform can later on be expanded with other applications such as lawn mowing, where the market is considered even bigger. The product RSS has is based on standard components and not least on a very strong market validity. The robot from RSS makes sports maintenance more efficient and enjoyable for the players.

The team

Dani Feller (CEO and founder)

Reasons for being selected to the hub

  • The market for this product is global and the products expected return on investment looks promising.
  • There are no similar products on the market that is based on the same technology.
  • The product is scalable which means new applications can be developed based on the same general technology.
  • The StartUp Hub programme with its help and sparring is believed to bring Robotic Sport Solutions a substantial step closer to a product and a strategy that is ready for the global market.

Quote from Robotic Sports Solutions

“Since RSS develops robots for automation in sports (the golf industry), it was natural for us to apply to the program. As a part of the Robot StartUp Hub, RSS receives office facilities, access to the workshops and development area within the Robotic Centre. We will be also in close relation to the already located companies working there, having the great opportunity to share relevant knowledge, experience and network. So far we get all the help we need weather is is within business development, technical aspects or simply cash to buy key components.”