Address: Forkserparken 10
ZIP code: 5230
City: Odense M
Web: Visit website

What is Ztove?

Ztove is an intelligent cooker based on new sensor technology. It is designed to enable chefs and cooking enthusiasts to precisely control temperature when frying and cooking – saving time and ultimately creating tastier food.

Ztove consists of three parts: an induction cooker, cooking utensils and an app. With the help of sensor technology, Ztove controls the temperature in a frying pan or pot. This has several advantages: it reduces mistakes and food waste, makes food quicker and easier to prepare and not least enables chefs to produce tastier food. In time, Ztove can lead to the development of entirely new dishes.

The Team

From left: Kristian Skaarup, CEO, Peter Favrholdt, founder and CTO and chef Christian Jacobsen

Reasons for being selected to the hub

  • Strong team with technical and commercial expertise.
  • New technology and new methods to solving an age-old problem: cooking with precision.
  • Good fit which also can take advantage of the supplier network in the cluster as well as the sensor technology companies in the cluster.

Quote from Ztove

“Being part of the Odense Robotics StartUp Hub will help us take our project to the next level. We have become part of something that’s bigger than us. Here we can fine tune our business plan, gain advice on potential suppliers and not least tap into the Hub’s wealth of technical expertise.”