The Funen robot cluster rounds of 100 companies

The Danish robot cluster increased from about 80 to over 100 companies during 2016, and companies predict further growth in both revenue and number of employees in the coming years, shows a survey conducted by the cluster organization, Odense Robotics.

102 companies with about 2,600 employees *. That’s how much the Danish robot cluster around the city of Odense has grown over the last year.

– It’s really positive that the robot cluster grows and employs more and more people. The growth in the number of companies and employees put a strong emphasis on the position as the center of robot technology. This ensures Odense and Denmark a platform internationally, which helps to underline Odense’s position as one of the leaders in new technologies, says the Mayor of Odense Peter Rahbæk Juel.

One of the new companies in the cluster, which has moved to Odense in the course of 2016, the German group Schunk.

Schunk is a family owned company with more than 2,700 employees worldwide. The group has eight factories, 30 subsidiaries and distributors in more than 50 countries. The establishment of the new department in the Science Park is a result of Invest in Odense’s efforts to attract companies to the city.

– Odense was a perfect place for us to settle down. There is a really strong environment around the robotics and automation industry on Funen. And we have been very well received here, “says General Manager Schunk Per Martens, who has experienced it completely unnecessary to have to explain himself to his German colleagues when it comes to the company’s new headquarters:

– The Germans I regularly talk with our group has no doubts about what Odense is and it says something about the position Odense has taken on the map of Europe when it comes to robots and automation.

At the more distant horizon, there is also reason for great optimism for Odense and Fyn. By the end of 2016companies in Odense Robotics thus expected an average revenue growth of 40-50 per cent. up to 2019. The number of employees is also expected to increase by up to 25% in 2018 and 60% in 2020.

And there are really some fast runners among the robotics and automation companies that base on Funen. According Odense Robotics’ study 20 per cent. of businesses reported expects revenue growth of more than 80 per cent. over the next two years.

At EGATEC they follow the growth trend. Since January 2016, seven new people moved into the office, now counting 24 employees. A growth of as much 41 per cent.

And Mads Nychel still has an ambitious growth plan: – For us the growth of our company is promoted by our location in Odense and the robot cluster is helping to support growth. Our wants and needs can be enhanced when the cluster is behind. We have  put things on the agenda not only locally poli but also national – and not least in the direct dialogue with educational institutions. We also have an ambitious growth plan, which means that we in the coming years expect to grow at the same pace as we have done in the past year. Bringing businesses, educational institutions and professional organizations together is some of what the cluster organization, Odense Robotics is behind.  A joint effort for training and qualification of qualified skilled labour for jobs in the robot industry is expected to unfold during 2017.

* The number of employees is estimated on the basis of 2015 figures from Statistics Denmark and numbers from A & B-analysis study