Time to apply for Digital Omstilling

Digital Omstilling aims to support SME’s in developing a new product, concept or solution within Industry 4.0. Companies can receive op to DKK 900,000 in funding and the application deadline is the 25th of May. Peter Falk, Business Developer at Odense Robotics, talks about how Digital Omstilling can bring value to companies – and urges companies interested in taking part to reach out to him soon.

What is Digital Omstilling about?
The aim of Digital Omstilling is to support companies in developing a new product, concept or solution for Industry 4.0 – working together with two other SME’s and a knowledge institution such as a university or business academy. If you have a project that fits the bill, I’m interested in hearing from you. The next application deadline is in May, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Why should companies apply?
Several recent reports highlight how crucial it is to be at the forefront of digitalisation in order to maintain a competitive business. Digital Omstilling is a unique opportunity for companies to improve their digitalisation competencies and kick-start a new business area at the same time. Companies reap these benefits through cooperating with other companies and not least knowledge institutions.

What does it take to be ready?
Digital Omstilling is best suited for projects that companies have already embarked on. In other words, projects that are either already being developed or implemented. It’s crucial that your company has taken the decision to pursue new opportunities in Industry 4.0. Ideally, applicants for Digital Omstilling have already tested their idea and know it works.

How do you help companies in the process?
I help companies clarify whether their project is within scope and guide companies in their application. I also match companies with relevant SME’s and knowledge institutions.

What should companies consider before applying?
The commercial and technical aspects of the project are equally important. Therefore, you need to have proof of market demand and have a clear picture of how you want to present this product to the market.

The next application deadline is the 25th of May and this is expected to be the final application round. If you have a project that fits the bill, contact with Peter Falk on pfo@odenserobotics.dk or +45 61611853.