Upskill your employees in new programme

Vækstrettet Kompetenceudvikling
Training designed to equip employees with exactly the skills your company needs. That’s how robot and automation companies can benefit from “Vækstrettet Kompetenceudvikling”, launched last week.

This is the first programme that supports robot and automation companies on Funen in upskilling new and current employees at all levels, from executive level to new recruits. The aim is to create tailor-made training programmes that ensure companies’ employees have the necessary skills to fuel company growth.

Companies can access a minimum of 50% funding for the training activities that match their needs. Prior to this, companies benefit from an assessment of what competences the company needs on board to support growth.

“This programme is the first of its kind. Companies will be able to enhance the skills of everyone in the company from the janitor to the CEO – in a way that’s tailored to match the company’s needs. It’s an opportunity for companies to develop the potential of their employees while increasing employee retention and loyalty,” says Henrik Brændstrup, Project Manager, Odense Robotics.

“And not only that. This will create a bigger talent pool for robot and automation companies. By upskilling employees who otherwise don’t have the necessary qualifications, we can extend the talent pool to people from other industries.”

Visiting companies soon

Odense Robotics will visit cluster companies from next month to discuss how they can benefit from the new programme. Companies have the opportunity to shape training activities to match their needs.

Companies eligible to participate are small to medium-sized business within the robot and automation, steel and food industries located in the region of Southern Denmark.

The partners behind the programme are Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark (Væksthus Syddanmark), Odense Robotics, Maritime Cluster Funen (Fyns Maritime Klynge) and the Triangle Region (Trekantomraadet Denmark). The programme is supported by Southern Denmark Growth Forum (Syddansk Vækstforum) and the European Social Fund (Europæiske Socialfond) and will run from 2018-2021.

To learn more, contact:

Project Manager: Henrik Brændstrup
Company: Odense Robotics / Udvikling Fyn
Phone: 2159 7760

For more information: – under “Programmer”.


Photo: Business Development Centre – Southern Denmark