When Google isn’t enough – new supplier map makes sourcing easier

You know the feeling: you’ve spent far too long searching on Google for information, without getting what you want. Robot and automation companies experience that all too often when searching for the right supplier. A Google search doesn’t lead to the best company or a local one – but instead the company that pays the most for advertising.

That’s why Odense Robotics has launched a new supplier map. The interactive online tool enables companies to find the right local supplier quickly and easily – at no extra cost. Companies can search amongst more than 135 suppliers, in 150 process and material categories, applying exactly the filter that fits their needs.

“It’s saved me so much time,” says Maja from MELCNC “In just a few minutes, I sourced a local supplier with exactly the services we need. Now we’ve placed a contract and our partnership is already well under way.”

Matchmaking robotic and automation companies with local suppliers hasn’t always been easy, says Søren Græsborg Aarhus, Business Developer at Odense Robotics and the man behind the supply chain map.

“A lot of companies in the Odense Robotics cluster don’t have resources dedicated to strategic sourcing. At the same time, many local suppliers don’t have time for sales generation. We hope this tool will bring those two together. And help them make the best match.”

To access the map: www.odenserobotics.dk/suppliers