18. January 2018

World’s biggest Counter-Strike event fuels record traffic on Job Bank


Record traffic to the Job Bank. A flurry of unsolicited applications. And the chance to meet a new pool of potential employees. That’s just some of the results from recruitment activities at the e-sport event in December. This year, Odense Robotics will launch an array of recruitment activities to support companies in attracting and recruiting the right employees.

More than 20 companies and educational institutions joined forces with Odense Robotics in December to stage an interactive event at the world’s biggest Counter-Strike tournament in December. We shared one goal: to showcase careers in Funen’s robotic and automation industry to e-sport fans. And the team effort paid off.

The Job bank experienced a record peak of traffic around the e-sport event, with several thousand visitors exploring the vacant positions on the site during the event. Many candidates registered themselves in the CV Database. And companies like Gibotech say they experienced a “surge” of unsolicited applications around the event.

And companies had the opportunity to meet potential candidates. Akademikernes A-kasse and Odense Robotics invited 50 jobseekers with technical backgrounds to speed date six cluster companies at the event.

“I talked to a lot of interesting candidates. Being able to showcase our machines while talking to potential future employees was a really great setup. We will definitely join again next year!” says Michael Hye Nilsen, CEO of Robot Nordic.

”It was brilliant. In just a couple of hours, I was able to meet many relevant candidates, so my time was well spent. I would always prioritise this kind of event – after the last one we hired two people,” says Henrik Anker, CEO of Gibotech.

More recruitment activities this year
With an expected 600+ vacant positions in the cluster this year and with around 80% of companies struggling to find relevant candidates, Odense Robotics is increasing its focus on recruitment in 2018.

“Besides career fairs, we will host several Talent Attraction speed-dating events this year. We’ll also host another ‘upskilling programme’, where companies can fill their open positions with candidates that might not be a perfect fit initially, but who can gain the necessary skills during the programme. Last year’s event in December led to 11 new participants in 11 companies,” says Henrik Brændstrup, Project Manager, Odense Robotics.

“Not only that, we will launch an employer branding campaign aimed at showcasing the cluster’s many career opportunities to potential employees in Denmark and abroad. To make sure the campaign addresses companies’ recruitment needs, we will develop it in close collaboration with companies – and will be reaching out soon for input.”

We invite all cluster companies to join our different recruitment efforts and are looking forward to an even bigger e-sport recruitment event at the end of this year.

Please contact Henrik Brændstrup (21597760) or Lara Isabelle Weber (30713324), to learn how you can be part of the initiatives and recruit your next employee