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This is the place where robot heroes grow. Where ideas come to life. And where people and technology evolve together. Build your career or business here in Odense Robotics, Denmark, alongside like-minded specialists – and become one of the next generation of robot heroes.

Why choose Odense to build your career or startup

Robotics and automation
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Why choose Odense

A global centre for robotics and automation

Odense Robotics is one of the world’s top robotics clusters located in the city of Odense, Denmark.

Here you will find more than 120 companies and more than 3,200 employees innovating within robotics and automation.

You’ll also find one of the best robotic incubators in Europe. It's a high-tech environment where startups and talent bring innovation to life.

In Odense we have some of the best tech educations in the world

At Lillebaelt Academy there are more than 10 undergraduate programs in Automation Technology.

SDU has more than 15 Bachelor and Master of Science Programs in Advanced Robotics.

University of Southern Denmark is a leader in Europe within education in robotics

Cluster Companies
Grow your career

Work alongside like-minded specialists to change the boundaries of innovation

With the full spectrum of robot and automation technologies gathered here and more than 120 companies to choose from, your opportunities are limitless.

Meet passionate people in robotics and automation

robot heroes are real people innovating with real technology. Entrepreneurs, business executives, engineers…a diverse community united by a common passion: to make a difference to our world.


Sofie Woge, CEO and Founder of Tendo, explains how their robotic glove can help people with limitations suffered through for example a stroke, arthritis or old age can regain control. Sofie and the team are passionate about applying robotics to make a difference to the lives of people with disabilities.

Nicolas Valencia Espinoza

Nicolas is a Chilean automation engineer for Gibotech, which develops, installs and services full automised solutions. Nicolas took his family with him on moving from Chile to Denmark to work with Gibotech. He is just one of many heroes passionate about robotics and automation in the Odense Robotics cluster.

Carlos Moro García, MIR

Carlos is passionate about robots. The Spanish robotics engineer works at Mobile Industrial Robots - a market leader in mobile industrial robots, headquartered in Odense. He came from his home country Spain to study robotics engineering at the University of Southern Denmark. Today, he programmes MIR's iconic robots.

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Odense is home to one of Europe's leading robotic startups incubators. The Odense Robotic StartUp Hub is located at Danish Technological Institute.